New Year...

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Happy New Year!

I am still in bed. I didn't end up getting to sleep until 4AM I kept feeling like I was going to get sick and slept with a bucket next to the bed. It's not something I'd like to repeat but since my children all have been majorly ill the last few days I know that my turn is coming and honestly, I am afriad. I hate vomiting it scares me so so so much.

That was not the point of this post, so bear with me.

The point was that this year, this 2010 year I'm trying to do several things. These really aren't in order.

  • Knit a good bit of stuff for myself, which includes an actual wool hat for ME.
  • Be aware of and actively pay down our debt, which means no impulse buying online (my weakness). This was actually something I did last year too and we've come a long long way from where we were which is great, but, as I know all to well it's way too easy to spend money so I want to make sure to include it again that way it's on my mind and I'll be able to keep myself in check. Hopefully I'm forming life long habits here. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  • Make a quilt. I've been putting this off for way too long because I'm afraid of messing it up.
  • Knit socks. I just have to try, I've been knitting for nine years now and have yet to make actual people-sized socks.
  • Edit my novel. I have 200 pages of raw material here and something needs to be done about it. I know that the story is good and even if I only get a 1500 word story out of what I've written that will be better than the state it is currently in.
  • Keep up with this blog. This is probably the most challenging thing I've set out to do, I'm a poor blogger but I also know that it's within me to change that. I don't think I'll blog every day, or maybe not even every other day but some sort of consistency would be nice.
  • Focus more on my children. I am lucky to be able to stay home with them and I can wait until they are in bed to do more involved things (like dust the living room, I don't like to dust around them anyway!).
  • Pick up the living room each night so it's easier to relax after the kids go to bed. It's nearly pointless to try to have the 15-month-old clean up at night. I will try to get her to help me though. The training must start early!

I think that's it for now. There are other things I'd love to do this year (like buy a house) but these are things that I know I can do all on my own and things that don't obligate us to payments for years and years.

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