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I've been so so tired lately. I have no idea why. I took a nap after supper tonight and avoided doing a bunch of housework this evening though I did give the girls a bath, which takes a lot out of me. I know I'm not eating right, I know I'm not drinking enough water, and I know that I should probably be in bed by now (it's nearly 11:30PM) but instead I'm sitting her watching reruns of The Tudors and thinking of all the stuff I need to get done with week.

See this is what I do, I think about everything that needs doing then I get overwhelmed and I do exactly nothing.

I have a swap that's due to send out on Feb 1 and I should be knitting mittens and a bag for my Harry Potter knit along on. I also think that I made a big mistake by writing all my scenes out of order during nanowrimo I guess I never thought I'd be editing the actual novel but boy howdy this is a headache. So far I've waded through the mess with post it note tag thingies trying to just gather my thoughts. I'm going to copy and paste everything sort of in order and print it out again so I can actually start rewriting. I still think the story is good though, so that's good, cause usually by this point I'm thinking the story stinks and I'm throwing it across the room. I keep praying that I will be granted the fortitude to actually finish the novel. I just want to finish it and finish it well and have it be something that I love and something that I'm proud of. So I'm working on it a little bit every day as time allows.

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