a bunch of dust

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I got my first book to review in the mail today, I'm excited to start reading it!

I also am conducting an experiment, it's about dust so don't get too excited. I usually dust once a week, just once, cause I hate doing it but I also hate seeing dust. Now we got a new TV not too long and that thing seems to be a dust magnet. I think I dusted it off three or four times last week. So this week I've done my dusting and I'm going to see how long the dust stays off of it. I just used my normal method: a feather duster, which is real ostrich feathers so it does actually pick up dust not just move it around.

The next time it looks gross and dusty I will try another product and record how long it stays dust free and I'm going to do it here on this blog cause I'll forget to write it down anywhere else.

I know, I'm excited too.

Now off to do more laundry. I love sleeping in freshly changed sheets but I hate the fact that once a week when I change all he bedding to give my family this small gift of comfort that I make myself three loads of wash to do. Such as the life of a mama!

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