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I don't personally feel that new year's resoulations should start until Feburary. January is too buy, at least for me, I have a lot of cleaning up and putting away to do in January not to mention that this January we were all very very ill for several days each it just didn't make for a very good start of the new year.

First of all I need to get back into shape. Yes I had a baby 16 months ago but I'm no long breastfeeding I don't have any more excuses to just eat whatever I want. I need to readjust my habits. I re-signed up for spark people and downloaded their app on my itouch which is great because I can keep that in my pocket so when I want to put something onto my foods chart I don't need to go find a computer. Lovely. You have no idea how excited I was about this! I don't think I can convey it using simply exclamation points but I hope you understand.

I also need to make a 101 list, this should be easy for me cause I love me some lists but I just can't seem to do it. I don't want to sent super lofty goals because I know I won't complete them. I want them to be attainable, I want to actually complete the whole list. So there's that.

As part of this need to start doing more, after the baby went down for her nap my 4-year-old and I did yoga which was fun, she's actually very good! She's growing up so so fast. It makes me emotional to think about her starting school next year. I know she's ready but I most certainly am NOT. It's going to be super strange to just have the little one home with me, of course, shortly after the school year starts she will turn 2...which will be interesting.

This entry is scattered, which is fine I suppose since this is my blog but I don't like it. Need to focus.

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  1. Anonymous

    Ohhh Spark People has an App? That's awesome. I'm right with you in the need to get back into shape category.
    I'm so sucking at motivating myself to do anything right now it's not even funny!

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