books and a birth story

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I got an email today approving me (and this blog) to do some book reviews for a Christian book publisher. I'm super excited about it, free books!

I'm also taking some time to write Hannah's birth story out, which is going to be interesting because I feel like I've really blocked a lot of it out. I remember certain things but as I dig deeper I'm reliving some details I thought I had forgotten. Like the pain, everyone says you forget it, and I think that you do, at least you forget it in the way that you just don't think about it but it seems like as soon as I started writing things down it all came back. Oh it hurt. I remember thinking to myself that I was not the first person to do this, I was not special, or important in the grand scheme of things and the only way through the pain was, quite literally, was to go through it.

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