GI Office Visit

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New normal

First of all I got lost getting there, so I was bumped an hour. Which was fine, Hubs met me over there and we sat and talked for a while. We go in, I get weighed, BP (90/58, shouldn't I have been in a coma? I'm fairly certain they did it wrong). The doctor is so nice, really she's a PA but who cares. I love her. She gave me 7 weeks of samples of my new med. You should see the top of my dresser.. So right now I'm on 10 pills a day for 40 days, then 9 for 10 days, then 8 for 10day, and finally 7 daily, for the rest of my life, or at least until this combo stops working.

I have a lot of trouble remembering to take pills, esp my birth control, so we'll see how well this is going to go. I need one of those pills cases, I never thought I'd need one of those pills cases.

They are also concerned about my weight loss and honestly, it's not going to get any better until I'm off the Entocort (60 days) because I've got to stay on my low residue/gluten free/lactose free diet until those are done. Then I can add foods in gradually, like a toddler.

I'm also freaking out that I'm going to get the scurvy! I can not have fruit or veggies right now at all. I'm thinking about drinking some of Baby Girl's V8 Fusion juice (with a full serving of fruits and veg!) but I don't know if I can tolerate it or even if I'm supposed to be drinking something like that. I forgot to ask, although I'm told I can have apple juice, and an apple is a fruit..

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