Diet and Crohn's

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Reading all these Crohn's forums is making me upset. All these things that these (we) people are going through with this disease!

The first thing my GI said to me (and he seemed agitated about it, but he was running over an hour behind that day) was that Crohn's can NOT be controlled with diet.

I've been doing research (and scaring myself) online and everything I've read from MD sources say the same thing, the condition is not related to diet. Immediately after it says that each person needs to find something that "doesn't bug them" then how can it not be related to diet? That to me seems counter intuitive. Maybe I don't have all the facts (very possible) but it seems like there has to be a link. It doesn't make sense to me that it wouldn't.

I'm not planning on going off my medicine unless medical directed to but I do want to try to make things better for myself through diet. So I went on amazon and I ordered myself some books today. I'm not looking for a miracle cure I'm looking for some normalcy.

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  1. Reid Kimball

    Don't listen to anyone who says Crohn's cannot be controlled by food.

    I saw you post on my personal blood (the stool post). Did you know I am working on a documentary about people with Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis who use alternative treatments because nothing else is working?

    Hope you find some of the information on the site of use.

  2. J. Marie

    Thank you. I doesn't seem like (many) of the medical treatments work at all and it's so scary. I'm willing to do anything I can to improve my health. Thanks for the link!

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