Let it be

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I've been completely sidetracked by my diagnosis. It's been all I've been thinking about (and writing about) for weeks now. It's completely consumed my life. Every quiet moment that I have I'm analyzing every ache or twinge I have. I'm keeping a food journal as well which is making me think about food all the time, especially foods I can no longer eat (I really want some cake).

And I guess this is normal, and I guess it's okay, for now, but I can't keep doing this. Things are starting to happen, school is going back into session a couple of weeks. I have two school-aged kids who are involved in activities and part of this stay-at-home-mom deal is that I have to drive them every where and I have to figure out a way to do that. I need to work around or with this illness cause I just can't stop being a mom.

I have to admit, I'm scared out of my mind about what could happen to me through the course of this disease but I can not let myself get caught up into thinking about it all the time. I need to be aware and proactive of my health but at the same time, if it happens to me, then I'll have to just simply go through it just like everything else.

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