PS announcement re American Girl

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Ya'll know they are archiving Felicity right?
If you don't know already, I collect dolls. Any sort of doll that I like I add that to my collection. It's not just one brand or type or height. I'm an equal oppertunity doll lover.

I started my collection with an Ameirican Girl doll (Samantha, who was archived two years ago now). I got her when I was 7. I loved going through the American Girl catalogs and looking at all the (freaking expensive) lovely things for the dolls. Felicity was one of the ones I really like due ot her fancy dresses. My favorite thing about American Girl though, was the fact that each character had a story. They each had a series of books. Now I say "had" because it does seem like the company is turning away from the historicals in favor of  "Just Like Me" dolls and an online world gaming community, which makes me sad.

So if anyone is interested in Felicity, you better go get your stuff now because if Kirsten's archival a few months ago is any indication, things are not going to last long.

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