On the subject of bath poufs

Posted by J on Thursday, August 26, 2010. Filed under: , , , ,

I really like to take showers. I like the smell of soap, I like the feel of hot water on my back. I like bath poufs and sweet smelling body wash. My favorite soap is dove. Just the plain white bar of dove. I don't really like wash cloths though, they don't lather well enough, oh I'll use them on my face, feet, and other delicate areas, but in general, I prefer a pouf. So usually I stick to using body wash, and I only used the dove bar soap on a wash cloth occasionally.

Yesterday, I had an epiphany. Why not rub the bar soap onto the pouf? Would it work?

Let me tell you something: It Does! I'm either a genius or a major idiot for not realizing this sooner. I'm pumped about this. Sorry Bath and Body Works, you are now relegated to bubble baths only. I'm showering with dove.

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  1. Anonymous

    The soap really does lather SO MUCH better with the poufs. I've been using my favorite one from VS, it smells so good. I started doing that last year because I can never get the actual bar of soap to lather very well, and I drop it and almost kill myself by stepping on it. It's safe to just use the pouf.

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