Doctors visits: The Recap

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Visit #1: Primary care doctor. Showed up about five minutes early, they took me back right away and got my weight: 118lbs. Went back into the room where I read every poster on the wall and starred at things while I listened to my doctor chatting up the nurse about Christmas shopping and his son's new job. I waited  forty minutes past my appointment time in that tiny little room. At one point I actually thought they forgot about me and debating wandering out into the hall to find someone.

The actual appointment only took ten minutes. He said, "so you were diganosed with an inflamority bowel diease, which one is it?" *cough* I hate when they don't read the charts. The upside was that he renewed my birth control for me since I mentioned that now my insurance doesn't pay for a pap test every year now (just every 3, since I'm old, in a relationship, and have never had a bad pap). So I was happy about that. I don't have to go back for another year. Yay!

Visit #2: GI doctor. Got there approx twenty minutes early because this appointment was about a forty minute drive from my house. I thought I made pretty good time considering I had to drive through the Penn State campus to get there. Those students don't like to follow the "look both ways before you cross the street" rule. They just walk, it's dangerous, and is super stressful to drive through. Apparently there is another way to get to the office, which was explained to me before, but I tried that way once and got terribly lost so I just go the way I know how now. It makes my life a little easier. checked in and weighed (again) this time it read 116lbs. The actual appointemnt was very quick and positive. She gave me a month's worth of sample medication and told me not to worry about asking for more. She wants to see me again in 6 months, as long as everything goes okay. She did warn me that with Crohn's things go from good to bad very quickly, which scared me, but I need to stay postive about this. Whatever I'm doing is working so I need to keep at it.

My weight, of course, is an issue but not an urgent one as of yet. They obviously do not want me to lose anymore weight but I'm not yet unhealthy for my height (5'4"). I am trying to eat more, I just get full so quickly right now. On the other hand I can say that I haven't lost all that much weight (only 20lbs since July 19th when I was admitted to the hospital). I wasn't heavy to begin with so 20lbs is more noticeable on me. 

I have to say I was dreading these appointments. My blood work came back great, my symptoms are well controlled, I was nervous that they (the doctors) were going to try to start taking me off my meds and I'm just not emotionally/mentally ready for that yet. I need to take things slow here. I'm still trying to digest (har har) my diagnosis. I don't want to go and start changing things around now. Besides we're going into the holiday season, I'd like not to be sick or adjusting to new meds.

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