When can I sleep?

Posted by J on Wednesday, November 17, 2010. Filed under: , , ,

As of this writing I have been awake since 7AM Tuesday morning. It is now nearly 5PM on  Wednesday.

My two year old has had a cold for the past couple of days, runny nose, normal stuff. Yesterday she started with a dry cough and by 7PM Tuesday night she was in full blown respiratory distress. We were doing nebulizer treatments every four hours through out the night and called the doctor in the morning. We took her in as she was officially diagnosed with asthma. We knew it was coming but it still felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife while I watched the doctor type the word into her chart.

She's on a round of steroids, breathing treatments every three hours, and we follow up in a week. Right now she's sleeping on the couch.

Here she is just two hours before she could not breathe play with my ipod. It's so scary how fast things can go from fine to very very bad. Hug your babies mamas.

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  1. JediEmpress

    It's a scary week for little ones of people I know. =(
    At least asthma is treatable and probably will get better as she gets older. But I'm sorry you haven't gotten any sleep! Hopefully you get to rest soon.

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