Knitting and staying busy.

Posted by J on Tuesday, November 16, 2010. Filed under: ,

November is going by too fast! I'm trying to get through my Christmas knitting which is going slowly compared to how fast (i feel) the month is going. Which doesn't make any sense but it is what it is.

Mom's sweater, one sleeve done and obviously unblocked.

A scarf for the bebe, the pink one is not pictured, which was for middle girlie. I was able to finish these in an hour respectively. I wish all my knitting was that quick!

A cupcake hat for my friend's little one. She's due Dec 7. I'm mailing it out tomorrow.

Yesterday I scanned a bunch of pictures of my mother, my aunts, and my grandmother as children. They are currently on a PDF file on my SD card and if I can figure out how to convert them to .jpg I'll post them here.

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