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Every Wednesday my kids get out of school at one o'clock. I try to have a craft ready for them and later on in the afternoon we watch a movie. Yesterday was no exception.  My 5-year-old and I made these turkeys yesterday loosely based on the terrible instructions in the Family Fun magazine. Since I altered them a bunch I'm going to post my tutorial here.

We live out in the woods so there are always a lot of turkeys around. I think they are sort of dumb because they will not get off the road when you are trying to drive by. I have never hit one (nor tried to) but they just sort of look at your car  like "Oh! What is that?! That is shiny!" and continue to just strut right beside it. I find it hilarious.

light weight cardboard (we used a cereal box)
other paper for contrast (we used a couple of old greeting cards)
google eyes
hole punches (optional, but easier to cut the circles!)
pin back (optional, but gives you something to do wth the little paper turkies)

First cut out all the bits that you'll need for the turkey:
2 Large circles of the same size: 1 cut from the cardboard and 1 cut from the decorate paper.
2 smaller cirlces of the same size: 1 cute from the cardboard and 1 cute from the decorate paper.
1 small red oval
1 little yellow trangle for the beak. 

Glue these two circles together and fringe a little to make it look like feathers with the sissors if you want to.

Cut one of the smaller circles in half, this makes the wings, glue them on with the cut side facing down.

Glue the other smaller circle on top of the wings this makes the head of the turkey.

Glue on the red portion for the beard

Add the yellow triangle on top of that.

Glue on some google eyes.

Let him dry, and then add a pin back if you want. It will end up being pretty sturdy due to the carboard but be careful not to get him wet!

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    What an adorable idea for the younger children to make!

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