God, Crohn's, and Teeth.

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My kids were home from school yesterday due to the -20 degree weather. Now I know why school is out in the summer, so you can have your three children go outside to play in the warm weather! I'll admit that they watched way too many movies yesterday (three) and the baby didn't get her afternoon nap. Oh well, it happens.

Today I started using a new supplement, L.Glutamine hopefully it'll do something nice for me. I'm excited about the results others had with it, however, everyone is different so we'll see how it works out.

I feel like all I'm writing about is Crohn's and I've mentioned in other pieces that I don't want it to take over my life, and that is true, and most of the time while I'm engaged in other activities (not blog writing) I don't think about it but now, when I have time to sit and think it bubbles to the surface. I think staying positive is important, to not look at it as a problem but as an opportunity for growth. So far, I know that having this disease has strengthened my relationship and my faith in God. I also can say with confidence that I'm taking much better care of my teeth (flossing every day)! I'm taking my health more seriously than I ever have before in my life because I have to be okay to take care of my children. It's just like they instruct you to do on an airplane, but your oxygen mask on first before helping others around you.

I have to get myself together health-wise first before I can do anything else, it's important, I have to put myself first in this situation. I'm grateful for that realization.

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  1. Reid Kimball

    Hi Joslyn,

    I found you after I noticed a link you posted on my WANTED: Crohn's End Facebook page. Somehow I had missed it, sorry.

    It will be interesting to know what your results are with glutamine. I'm a big fan of it.

    You can tolerate the coconut flour just fine? I want to try it soon.

  2. jmneiderer

    Hi Reid,

    I can tolerate the coconut flour in moderation. I found out the hard way I was allergic to almonds so this is my alternative flour. It's very high in fiber, which can be scary, but the amount that one uses when baking with the coconut flour is very little compared to nut flours, which is why I think it's more tolerable to the insides.

    I'm hoping for good results with the glutamine too!

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