it's still snowing

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I stepped outside to snap a few photos, in my socks, that was not a good idea. It's so quiet here. Living the woods bothers me most of the time. I seem to need noise to function, in the summer in the woods there are noises, birds, bugs, and the constant sounds of people sawing wood and driving by on the dirt road. Now, in winter, there's nothing but stillness and the very occasional snow plow the only sound when I was outside earlier was the wind. 
I know. I know people would sell their left arm or first born to live out here but I'm not one of those people. I crave people, and a city, at least some place larger than this where you don't have to drive 30 minutes to get to a Wal-Mart and cell phones work. I praying this is our last winter here, at least up on this mountain, this isolation is killing me (besides the fact that I'm allergic to tree pollen, notice all the trees?).  In the mean time I'm working on several new recipes that I'm hoping I can post next week when I've tested them to my satisfaction. Besides all the snow, all my car being all messed up (breaks went out, and has not gotten fixed right), we also ran out of cooking gas. Maybe I'm just having a really bad week, too bad it's only Tuesday! 

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